Magento Admin Panel

This Admin Panel was designed specifically for the CompAndSave Magento interface. The intent was to reduce the amount of time spent navigating the multi-page Admin Panel that came out of the box with the Magento platform.

See the demo style code

Including as much detail as possible on the orders page was crucial for this project. The operations team requested several custom features such as pagination settings, built-in and customizable filters for the order search, and color designation for specific areas of the Admin Panel.

Order pages would be long, so it was important to color coordinate specific sections and have a fixed menu on the left that would follow the representative as they traveled down the page. A custom order tracker was another additional feature to be incorporated.

See the demo style code

  • Designed: September 2015
  • Role: Lead Frontend Designer
  • Technologies used: CSS/HTML, Javascript (for demo)

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