ComboInk is an online ink retailer based out of Newark, CA. The site was in need of a rebrand and responsive makeover in order to make it more accessible to its users.

ComboInk logo

The logo was created to represent everything about ComboInk that was held dear to the brand.

The handshake. Symbolizing the desire to connect with their customers and support their visions, dreams, and goals.

The cartridges. The business foundation, which also encompassed the combo aspect of the business model.

The heart. What you'll find when you shop with ComboInk.

ComboInk logo on dark and light
ComboInk logo solid color
ComboInk desktop concept for the home page ComboInk tablet and mobile concept for the home page

The new focus of the site was to increase personalization and customization of the customer's experience wherever possible.

It was important to the client that the site remain as compact as possible while including as much information as possible for the user. Since most of ComboInk's customers were older it was necessary to maintain consistency with existing expectations of website behavior, while introducing new features, such as customizable combo packs and user settings within the dashboard.

ComboInk tablet concept for the user dashboard
ComboInk checkout
  • Submitted: September 2015
  • Role: Lead Frontend Designer
  • Technologies used: CSS/HTML, Javascript, Magento, PHP, Google Analytics

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